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Our Support of Trans Rights

QD Team

QD Team Published Sept 15, 2022


First and foremost, we want to extend our care to all of you in the trans community

We see you.

We celebrate you.

We embrace you.

We celebrate that diversity and spirit, not just during Pride Month but as a constant.

We can’t say we see you and not acknowledge the attacks on your community, and we stand with you in rejecting it. We are exhausted for you, but not nearly as exhausted as we know you are. We offer our strength to you, and our voice on your behalf.

We’d like to extend a counter message and make our position clear, unwavering and unapologetic.

We encourage you, our teams, and our broader society to explore, communicate and express your identities and presentation in any way that feels right for you. We are here to lift you up, and we welcome opportunities to do that better than we are today.

We seek to learn, and do better. We don’t claim to do everything perfectly, but we certainly aspire to.

We believe, firmly, that people have the right to be who they are.

We firmly believe that it should not just be accepted or tolerated, but that it should be celebrated.

We further believe that this right needs to be supported on every level of our society, in order for our children, our professional and our social circles to be safe and comfortable in their own skin.

QD was founded by a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and has always supported and will always support transgender people. We want this to be a place where trans people are welcomed, celebrated and provided a platform a little bigger than had previously.

We know that while our words are appreciated, our actions are much more important. So we will share what we are doing both as a company and as a group of people to provide the support that transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people at QD need. We welcome suggestions, and will work our way to be able to extend to all of them, as our means and access grows in maturity as a company.

There are a few basic things we do in our day-to-day.

  • Pronouns are shared when people feel safe and comfortable doing so. Our leaders share ours first to create space for our team to do so.

  • We don’t assume gender based on presentation, and ask for pronouns as a courtesy.

  • We continue to try to do better, and ask for correction when we get it wrong.

  • We encourage people to include pronouns and similar information in our internal communication spots like Slack and Zoom. Our goal isn’t to force anyone into an uncomfortable spot, but to demonstrate that when you’re ready to do so… so are we.

  • For those who are in or considering a transitioning journey, we recognize that the process looks different for everyone. So we’re codifying and documenting guidelines for individuals and their managers in a “how to” guide as a part of our Employee Handbook. The goal isn’t to document the exact 15 steps that are required each time – because that doesn’t exist! – but rather how to best handle this important, exciting, and intensely personal time.

  • It’s also worth noting that we offer flexible time off, which can be exercised for any physical and mental health care needed or desired.

We’re also demonstrating our support with a new policy for people who need gender-affirming and/or reproductive care but live in a US state that does not allow for it. We are providing up to $4,000 in travel costs to aid people in getting the care they need, and it’s available to all of our full-time employees.

One of our core values is “Be Healthy” and we mean that on every level.

When it comes to outside of *our walls*, we welcome clients who share and honor our values. We ensure our team's safety by never signing documents that expressly limit pronoun use, and we would never put our team in a position to work with clients who would make them feel anything less.

Now let’s talk equity and leadership.

We look to have equitable representation on every level of our company structure, and naturally look to grow and hire teams with a diverse mindset and from different backgrounds. Sometimes that means we need to invest in growing our leaders. The reality of oppression means sometimes you need to create the pipeline, vs. rely on the one coming from the professional network. It is hard work, but we know that it is worth-it-work.

Of our VP and above leadership team, half of us openly identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Our diversity extends beyond this as well. We believe our top down equity is a key part of what makes us special, what makes us motivated and what fuels our success. When you invest in a culture where people not only feel seen, feel represented and feel safe . . . but also feel protective and passionate about the company they work for . . . you won’t lose. When you create a workplace where people treat each client, each engagement, each person and each decision with the care you only find in true ownership, you will be successful.

A culture of equity is a culture of ownership.

We have plenty more space, we have much more successes to chase and realize, and we have lots of growing to do. We hope to have more like minded humans to push us.

To those who desire education, or to better understand this topic: let us be a resource to you.

To other businesses striving to be a better support system for the community: we would love to be a thought and accountability partner with you.

To those in the community, supporting the community and or those who simply want to be part of a culture who celebrates and embraces everyone’s true self: we are looking for you.

While this article is coming to a close, our work is just getting started.

We care for you.

We support you.

We welcome you.

-- The QD Team.



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