A Website as Legendary as their Brand

Founded in a Silicon Valley garage in 1966, Coherent is a legend in the manufacturing and laser industry. In a never-ending pursuit of innovation, they called the bluff on the myths that manufacturing audiences are not as driven by great experience and digital power. They won that bet.

A Website as Legendary as their Brand


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Raising the bar with laser precision for all audiences.

When we say all, we mean the most we have ever encountered. We loved it. One of our favorite parts of working with customers, is learning their business and their inventions.

There was a lot to learn. From literal rocket scientists.

When your company supports innovation of everything from satellite telescopes to the devices we spend our days texting into, to the machines that cut the tiny yet fashionable holes in our jeans. Well, you are selling to a few different folks, and you need an experience strategy to make that frictionless.

With the help of exceptional partners, we broke ground on designing and developing a new enterprise class website with a goal so clear – raise the bar and blow them away. Not just the Coherent team, but every visitor, competitor and experience gawker.


Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Multisite Manager, Google Analytics, Algolia Search, Driftz


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Down to the Digital Studs

Coherent needed an enterprise website to streamline operations and asset management, an IA/UX overhaul to help people find what they were looking for, and a contemporary design to align with their innovative products. QD met the challenge by redesigning the site from the ground up using the most innovative experience design backed by a robust technology solution.

Now, visitors to the new Coherent website, no matter their starting point, can quickly meet their point of curiosity via easy to navigate product or industry category navigation. The tangled mess of a navigation that is industry trend is now cataloged and organized as a fabulous learning experience. The experience for those raising a hand for a massive and complex deal, or swiping a credit card straight from the cart can achieve their goals simply and quickly.

To go one step further, we found that search was the number opportunity to elevate for success in the diverse market, so Intentional, thoughtful IA and UX plus a taxonomy that will give you flutters is running behind the scenes to create a personalized and enhanced site search experience.

“QD climbed our business learning curve quickly and helped us rapidly transform to the digital experience leader in the photonics industry.”

David Gee, CMO David Gee, CMO


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