A Virtually Unstoppable Hitachi Social Innovation Forum.

HSIF is filled with stories of cutting edge technology and experiences meeting social and environmental progress. The virtual event experience needed to meet that same bar of innovation.

A Virtually Unstoppable Hitachi Social Innovation Forum.




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A Perfectly Curated Harmony of Brand, Music, Cinema, Gamification and Bounty. 💯 🔥

Tell you more? Ok . . .

Let’s face it, the market is not saturated with awesome virtual event experiences that put the brand front and center. They certainly are not designed to bring the charm and interaction one finds at an in person event.

Hitachi wanted better, they wanted a platform that embraced imagination, and created features that mapped to their stories and a design that embraced the brand experience. Well, lucky for them, that is exactly what we built Beamsy* to be. The journey ended with a 2021 Marcom Platinum Award!


Power BI, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics , Adobe Target, Marketo Engage, SSO, Brightcove, Amazon Amplify, Dynamo DB, Cloudfont, Cognito, Appsync, Three.js, React.js


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So Much More Than a One-Size-Fits-All Rental.

Renting someone’s UI and slapping your logo on it does not exactly mirror the Brand immersion of an in-person event. The industry has approached this wrong.. We treated the experience as a new and repurposable channel, not a moment in time. Completely ownable and designed to and for the brand, with content that can be changed in and out for future uses, a journey that starts based on time and transitions to exploration after the event. Including gamification and a swag marketplace with inventory management.

When the event had concluded, since it was deeply integrated into their existing systems, the business intelligence was immediately measurable and actionable. The rich information attendees provided to curate their experience was now available as audiences to curate all of their touchpoints, and the results were in and stunning.

Look out for more on our virtual media work with Hitachi, it is coming in hot and intelligent.

“This was one of the coolest things I have ever been a part of, in my entire career.”

David McCulloch, VP, Corporate Communications & Corporate Marketing David McCulloch, VP, Corporate Communications & Corporate Marketing


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