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QD Recognized as a Recipient of the "2021 Customer Choice Award."

The best awards are from our customers and for our team.

Jacqueline (Jaqi) Saleem

Jacqueline (Jaqi) Saleem Published Feb 10, 2022

customer choice

“The Startup Weekly presented the Customer Choice award to companies that have demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction.”

Customer satisfaction, yeah, I would say that is definitely a strategy of ours.

No; in fact, it is the strategy for our business.

We know that exceeding customer expectations is connected directly to our success, long term. We are not a project shop, we build long term relationships, and that comes with a customer, team, and business benefit. We spend less time on the proverbial streets pounding pavement trying to find the next project to keep the team busy. Instead, we get the luxury of spending our time on that pavement trying to find the next group of talented humans, who embody the values that make us successful.

This award is validation that we are doing what we set out to do. Crush customer expectations, and create new ones for them, in case they run out.

If we aren’t making our customers exceedingly happy, what is the point?

There are much easier ways to make money, but we wake up every morning to make experiences, to make connections and to make impact.

We achieve that, by retaining top performing talent, funding innovation, and supporting a growing empire of humans who catapult above every bar.

90% of our customers stay with us for years, not months. That is a whole lot of customer expectations met.

100% of that is powered by the talent and humans who joined this agency, and we don’t forget that.

What am I most proud of? That is easy, the team of people who made it happen. I get to write the story, but they created the plot. I am lucky to get to take a victory lap on their behalf, and create this short read to represent the endless work they do, that creates limitless opportunities for our customers.

Thank you, QDs. 🍊

Customer Choice

Be proud of the work that you do. Be even more proud of the humans you do it with.

Jaqi Saleem, Founder & Jaqi Saleem, Founder & CEO at QD


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