Accelerate with Pure

Since April 2015, Pure Storage has been celebrating digital innovation at it’s flagship Conference: //Accelerate. //Accelerate is where attendees go to talk about how to simplify production, empower developers, and deliver next-gen analytics. In recent years, the digital experience was not living up to the ideals it celebrates, so we partnered with Pure Storage to do a complete redesign and take the digital experience to the next level.









Our approach was to create a website that differentiated from the main Pure Storage but still kept in line with the brand, messaging and overall theme of Pure Storage & Accelerate. We wanted to create something innovative yet fun that would attract the high caliber of attendees they seek in order to grow the brand and event perception.

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  • Pure Storage


  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Marketo


  • Visual Design
  • User Experience
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Project MGMT

Orange is the New Black

As our main concept, we decided to go with a big and bold theme and redesigned the experience to take an interactive, but sophisticated approach. We wanted the user to leave the site with a strong sense of the brand, and overall campaign aesthetic. We added in simple yet meaningful elements as well as unique and unexpected moments to ensure the right feel. We updated the copy to better reflect the unique, thoughtful people they are.


New Meets Now

The site is fully responsive and provides a smooth experience across all devices and browsers. To help Pure Storage continue to build out interactive sites, we created a modular system to allow for customization from editorial content, to color themes, and a variety of patterns. This system empowers Pure Storage to continue to build and create the type of engaging, immersive content and experiences their users crave.


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