Empowering Women to Speak and to Feel

The Doctor Wise Brand Introduces a high end homeopathic product line to treat symptoms of menopause. Menopause is a topic that is taboo, and uncomfortable to talk about. This often causes women to suffer in silence and shoulder many stigmas associated with being a woman, and more specifically an aging woman.




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Women ages 45-65

The Doctor Wise Website Experience is a women-centered platform that deep dives into topics like ageism, diversity, sex, entrepreneurship, relationships, spirituality, technology and many more. This is a new platform/experience for bold, sassy, intelligent, creative, & quirky women who are struggling with real issues that need to be talked about.


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The Art

Our mission was to create a site experience that elevated self-confidence and made people feel at home, sexy and a have a platform to speak and feel heard — the very essence of the Doctor Wise iconic brand. In result we created a platform with immersive, longform storytelling at its core. Ambient video, imagery, and quirky design came together to let users dive into telling the story in a more engaging way. The entire experience–from visual to color–was inspired by the gorgeous Art Deco era mixed with pop art.



We launched a fully responsive web platform for Doctor Wise as the brand’s hub for editorial and promotional content targeted at women consumers. The site is fully responsive and provides a smooth experience across all devices and browsers.


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