IT Maturity Assessment

Scaling technology systems within a fast-growing organization requires developing solutions for problems before they even arise. Through constant technological innovation, Nutanix works hard to make these challenges as painless as possible for their customer. And the better they can understand the strengths and weaknesses of their customer's IT infrastructure, the better they can serve their customers.

The Nutanix IT Maturity Assessment offers prospective customers the opportunity to evaluate their IT maturity through a series of multiple-choice questions. Upon completion of the assessment, the user is presented with their weighted score. From here, the user can fill out a brief form and gain access to a more detailed results screen containing a visualization of where they fall on the maturity curve, recommendations for improving their IT infrastructure, and a downloadable report that containing benchmark data on other organization's IT maturity.

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Data Persistence Made Simple

With each answered question, the URL of the page is updated with a unique query string. This URL can then be saved by the user to return to their customized report, or shared to other members of the organization. Additionally, this unique URL is submitted via a hidden field in the Marketo form so that Nutanix specialists can have 1:1 conversations regarding the specific needs of a prospective customer. No database required.


A Clear Path to Value

Many online quizzes and assessments have high abandonment rates because they provide no promise of what a user receives upon completion or any indication of how progress throughout an often tedious Q&A process. To encourage assessment completion, we streamlined the user interface to make answering each multiple-choice question require minimal mouse/finger movement. Throughout the entire experience, there are multiple visual progress indicators that give the user a clear understanding of how close they are to completing the assessment.


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